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Very Rich Colors

Hello everyone! The leaves are changing all over New England. It’s a most beautiful time of the year. Very rich colors bursting all around us. Everything is changing, including my wardrobe.

This week, I finally had the opportunity to wear one of the new skirts I made recently along with a top and matching bag from my collection dating back to last September.

Sometimes, pieces sit in my closet waiting for their match to come along before they are completed as an outfit. In this particular case, the top waited over a year before it came out for the very first time this week.

 The other thing about me, as some of you have seen from some of my sewing projects, is that I like to make several pieces of the same pattern. Once I figure something out, I might as well run with it. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s a way of improving and growing in most areas of life including sewing.

 Anyways, hope you enjoy the outfit combination and as always thank you for sharing in our sewing journey. Have a gre…