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First Fleece Coat

Blizzard 2015 - We’re experiencing a serious snowstorm here in New Bedford with more to come for the end of the week. In some areas the snow is as high as six feet depending on the snow drifts. This photo is right in front of my house. It took two days to plow us out. I’m wearing the first fleece coat which I made several years ago. It’s one of my favorites and I seem to wear it on just about every heavy snow storm. It’s as warm as it looks and I like how it looks up against the snow. I’ve been working on another fleece coat. This time it’s for my husband. It’s just about finished. I’m waiting for the zipper order to come in. Snow days are great sewing days. Let’s see what else I’ll be sewing up in this blizzard. See you all soon, and for those of you who are experiencing this same blizzard, please stay safe, stay home and sew. It’s fun and sew cozy. Debora

Magenta and Dark Orchid Fleece Coat

Hello everyone! Here’s my latest project. A fleece coat from an old pattern by Donna Karen. I love the color combination of the magenta and dark orchid together. This is such a fun coat to wear. I've worn it several times already this week. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite “wear it everywhere” coats. It’s so cozy and warm. Perfect for this time of year, especially for the bitter cold weather we are enduring here in MA. This was an easy pattern to follow. The trick is to use canvas material as a binder and stiffener for the front facing as well as sleeves and hem. It gives great structure to the fleece. I’m hoping to make a couple more coats this winter. I want to make use of all the fleece I still have left in my fabric collection. This is the winter of the coats. I can’t believe how many I actually made this winter. I’m just in a coat role. Lol. Well that’s it for now. I hope all of you have a great week and for those of you who are in cold climates, please stay…

Mink Mood

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s been exciting times here in New Bedford. I attended First Night at our world famous Whaling Museum. It was a really cold night and I was happy to wear a mink coat that I just restored. Some of you may already figured out that I just love to make old things new. I also like it when we can wear something that has a story. I've had this coat hanging in my closet for a couple of years now. I wasn't sure what to do with it. A few years ago, I saw the coat hanging on the sidewalk at one of our local thrift vendors on Acushnet Avenue. I spotted it as my husband was driving past it. I couldn't believe it. I quickly had him turn around the block and pull over. The mink was still in a half decent condition. The lining however, was old and falling apart. I bargained with the guy and paid only $20 bucks for it. Wow!!! Was I happy. I brought it home, tore off the lining and aired it out. This week I brought it out, home cleaned it the best I could and tota…