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Friday, October 31, 2014

Simple Wrap Skirt

Hello sewing friends. Here’s my latest project. Just another simple wrap skirt that I just finished today. I had fun making the matching clutch bag. I used the left over zipper for a designer strip along the middle flab. I thought it would add a nice golden touch and add a richer texture to the bag. Overall, I used the same pattern from last week. The fabric is wool from Bedford Fabrics in Fall River. I love the color of the lining too. Bright and cheery for the long cold winter ahead. The turtle neck sweater is store bought. No big deal. Just something I picked up this week. Well, that’s it for now. I hope all of you have a great weekend. See you all soon! Debora

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lifestyle Feature “Southwestern style skirt”

Hello everyone! I hope your having a wonderful weekend. I have a couple of things I’d like to share with you today. First, I’m excited to share with you the “Southwestern style skirt.” I wore it today to a special brunch to support my friends from the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Inc. There’re such an amazing organization that provides a great service to our community. It was held at the Wamsutta Club, one of New Bedford’s many beautiful landmarks. And speaking of New Bedford, I’ve decided to add some lifestyle features of our city to my sewing blog. I figured you should have the opportunity to see the many events, fundraisers and beautiful places and wonderful people I share my life with. I’ve edited my introduction on the Google account to include my public service life and introduce you to the beautiful city of New Bedford that I so proudly serve.

Here is my official introduction:

Hello everyone! I’m Debora Coelho from New Bedford, Massachusetts. I serve in our local government as a city councilor at large. I love my city and even more so, its people. New Bedford is a great diverse city by the sea and home to America’s #1 fishing port. As a public official, I’m privileged in attending many worthy events and meeting so many wonderful people. I consider myself a natural advocate of all things New Bedford and to better serve my constituency, I host a local government access television program on channel 18.

I’m currently pursuing a masters degree in Public Administration at Bridgewater State University. I consider myself a lifetime learner and believe that everyone has the potential to follow their dreams at any age. Speaking of age, I’m 47 years old and happily married to Tony, who is supportive of both my career as well as my many hobbies. I enjoy photography, cooking, gardening, and I especially love sewing and creating new things.

In my past life, at the age of 19, I was a professional seamstress and ran my own small business for over twenty years. Currently, in addition to being a public servant and a student, I’m experiencing the greatest role of my life, I’m my mothers’ caregiver. She is 80 years old. She remains the greatest blessing of my life. Everyday, I’m reminded that the greatest force in our life’s is love. She too, was a professional seamstress. Since she moved in two years ago, I started sewing again. I do it as a connector to our past. She loves to watch me sew. I wanted to share our beautiful sewing story and so this year I started a sewing blog. I hope you have the opportunity to check it out and more importantly, I hope it inspires you to connect to the people you love, with the things you love to do. Thanks for visiting!





Friday, October 24, 2014

Southwestern style skirt

Southwestern style skirt

Hello everyone! And…here it is. the Southwestern style skirt. I kept the style easy and the lines simple. The fabric itself has enough detail. I really like the way it came out. I made a matching scarf with the leftover material. I think it really ties in nicely. The skirt is fully lined and this time around I used buttons instead of placing a zipper. Reason being, that I didn’t want a back seam to break up the pattern.

I decided to add a fringe to it. It came apart easily and I like the texture it created. Fun!


One of my favorite features is pockets. I’m trying to inset them in just about everything I make now. They just add such comfort to any garment. I can’t help it, I feel secure with pockets. Silly, I know.

Here’s a close up look at the side seams with the pockets. It’s kind of tricky to line it up to the print. I really wanted it to match.


And finally, my beautiful mother fraying the scarf.  She was just enjoying watching me, when I asked her if she wanted to try it and to my surprise she actually did. Wow! Talk about moments of lucidity. I love this picture. It was taken with my new camera which has a new feature that instantly turns a picture into a painting. I’ll treasure this moment forever.

Well, that’s it folks. I hope to wear it soon and share it with you. Meanwhile, thank you for visiting my sewing blog. It gives me great joy to share my creations with you. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you and it would also be great to see you join the site. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#45 Dress - The Illumining Dress

#45 Dress - The Illumining Dress
Good evening everyone! I had a wonderful time tonight at The Prince Henry Society of Massachusetts Annual Installation Banquet. I finally wore “The Illumining Dress,” I made several weeks ago. Some of you may remember this dress took two weeks to complete and several trips to the fabric store for more yardage. This dress is pleated and sewn down at every pleat. It created an incredible texture and illumining effect to the dress. It’s also extremely heavy and can stand pretty much all on it’s own. I’m not kidding! Even so, I wore it with great pride as any fine piece of art.
Wow, it’s late. I’m a little tired. I’ll try to write some more about it tomorrow. But for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Good night and happy sewing dreams.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#44 Dress - All Torn Up

#44 Dress - All Torn Up

Good evening everyone! Here is the “All Torn Up” dress that I wore tonight for the first time. The dress is very exciting to wear. It moves and captures light. One thing about sewing your own clothe, is that it gives you the privilege to wear just about anything and it’s totally accepted. I had a great time tonight. I just made a quick appearance at the Whale event in New Bedford’s beautiful waterfront. I hope you enjoy this post. Have a great weekend everyone and as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey.




Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Southwestern Skirt

Hello there! Half way into the week and I’ve finally picked out my next project. I’m making a Southwestern style skirt. It seems that you can’t get away from the look this season. It’s popping up all over the fashion magazines as well as in fabric stores.
I picked up this fabric at JoAnn’s. It was on sale and I couldn’t help myself. I thought it would be a perfect fabric to continue making my long wrap skirts.

I made some adjustments to the pattern again. This time, I completely relined the front panels. I made them straight instead of curved and allowed extra material so they overlap with front buttons. 
I went digging through my pattern stash and found this Burda pattern from the late 90‘s.
I thought I could use it measurements as well as the side pocket to add a different look to the skirt. I just added the idea to the pattern I already made.

I’m still using this same Vogue pattern. I just incorporated the idea of pockets and belts. I think it's a nice detail to add to the skirt.
And finally, I made yet another trip to Bedford Fabrics for some matching lining as well as some other fabrics that I’m saving for future projects.
I’m looking forwards in starting working on this skirt tomorrow. However, I’m projecting that it will be completed sometime next week. I have to slow down a bit. There’s a lot happing this time of the year. Even so, I think it’s important to keep sewing, even if it’s at a slower pace.

Speaking of happings…I have an event this weekend, which gives me an opportunity to wear one of my latest dress. Hopefully, I’ll get some nice pictures to post. Well, that’s it for now. Good night everyone and thank you for sharing in my sewing journey.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vogue V8928

I finally had a chance to wear this skirt I made several months ago. Spring is in full bloom and it feels great to wear pieces in harmony with the season. For details of the skirt just scroll down as I attached the original sewing post. Have a great weekend everyone. Debora

This week I made two skirts from the same pattern - Vogue V8928. On the first skirt you may recognize the material from my previous project. I had some left over and made the skirt with it. I used the pattern without any changes other than adding a couple of inches to the hemline. I also made a matching scarf, which I think wears well with the outfit. Unfortunately, this skirt opens way too much on the front.

I like open front skirts but this pattern is just too revealing. I also felt that it needed some extra support on the seams.

I will be applying some interfacing to keep it from being so flimsy. Even so, I like this skirt. I think I did a much better job at matching the plaids than on the previous dress from the same material. As for the waist, I didn’t follow the instructions, I simply cut a strip of fabric on bias and made my own folded in waistband. Works for me.

I’m getting brave with fun colors and used a red invisible zipper. And finally, because the skirt is too revealing, I will be adding built in shorts. That way I can keep the look and still be comfortable.

Here is the other skirt. I made major changes to the pattern. I added 12” to the length. And more importantly, I added 4” to each front panel fronts where the slit is and used interfacing on both sides of the opening.

As you can see from this photo, some of the extra material was folded in, so that when the slit opens, you actually see the material in the fold. I like it so much better like this. When I sit, stand or walk you can see the movement of the skirt with some subtle leg action. Nothing too reveling.

Again the skirt is fully lined with another fun colored zipper. This material is actually from upholstery material from JoAnn’s Fabrics. I love yellow and blue together.

And finally, here is the pattern that I re-cut twice with all the changes. At this time, I have no idea what I’m making next week. I’ll have to go through my pattern and fabric stash to see what inspires me. Who knows I may even make yet another skirt.

On another note…I’ve been blogging since April of this year. It's a great outlet for me. I hope your enjoying the development.  I still consider myself new to the bloggin world. I have however learned a lot and it’s a great experience thus far. The most important thing, is to have fun and I am. I hope you are too.