Southwestern Skirt

Hello there! Half way into the week and I’ve finally picked out my next project. I’m making a Southwestern style skirt. It seems that you can’t get away from the look this season. It’s popping up all over the fashion magazines as well as in fabric stores.
I picked up this fabric at JoAnn’s. It was on sale and I couldn’t help myself. I thought it would be a perfect fabric to continue making my long wrap skirts.

I made some adjustments to the pattern again. This time, I completely relined the front panels. I made them straight instead of curved and allowed extra material so they overlap with front buttons. 
I went digging through my pattern stash and found this Burda pattern from the late 90‘s.
I thought I could use it measurements as well as the side pocket to add a different look to the skirt. I just added the idea to the pattern I already made.

I’m still using this same Vogue pattern. I just incorporated the idea of pockets and belts. I think it's a nice detail to add to the skirt.
And finally, I made yet another trip to Bedford Fabrics for some matching lining as well as some other fabrics that I’m saving for future projects.
I’m looking forwards in starting working on this skirt tomorrow. However, I’m projecting that it will be completed sometime next week. I have to slow down a bit. There’s a lot happing this time of the year. Even so, I think it’s important to keep sewing, even if it’s at a slower pace.

Speaking of happings…I have an event this weekend, which gives me an opportunity to wear one of my latest dress. Hopefully, I’ll get some nice pictures to post. Well, that’s it for now. Good night everyone and thank you for sharing in my sewing journey.




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