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Friday, November 7, 2014

Simple Wrap Skirt

Simple Wrap Skirt - New Bedford Lifestyle Post
Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week. I spent some time de-cluttering and organizing my sewing room. Not only does it provide for better utilization of space but also allows for more creativity. It feels great!
Last night I wore my new “Simple Wrap Skirt” that I made last week. I wore it to one of my colleagues event at this incredible restored old mill, Howland Place. New Bedford is famous for it’s old mills restoration re-developments. Some are used for luxurious lofts, artist space, antiques dealing, elderly assistant living and of course different types of businesses. I took a few pictures of the building and the event itself.


This picture is from their actual site. It gives a nice overview of what the building offers. It’s a great gem in our community.
Howland Place was originally constructed as a 20th century textile mill. In the 1980s it was converted into a designer outlet shopping center after spending over 16 million dollars in renovations. The building was recently revitalized in 2000 and has since been operating as mixed use professional office space. The building has approximately 160,000 sqft spread out over four floors. A utility elevator and an outside glass elevator provide ease of access to all corners of the building. Ample parking makes the building a very convenient alternative to "downtown New Bedford" locations.
As the business sector of New Bedford's South End continues to expand, Howland Place gives businesses the visibility and amenities they desire. Feel free to visit the building and explore the possibilities.

I had a wonderful night. I especially enjoyed wearing what I made. In addition to making the skirt and the matching bag, I also altered the sleeves on the jacket. I purchased the Faux Leather Scuba jacket at Dress Barn. There’re very affordable and I like the look of combining dress up with these kinds of moto like jackets. They are fun and easy to wear.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope your enjoying the new lifestyle posts. I thinks it’s a nice way of not only sharing what I make, but also how it works into my life and best of all it give me the opportunity of showing you our beautiful city of New Bedford.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for visiting my sewing blog. I hope your enjoying it and it’s always nice to hear your thoughts and suggestions. See you all soon!


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