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YWCA Red Dress Event

“YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”
This week they held their 12th Annual Red Dress Event in support of Health and Wellness programs. This invent included a fashion show where women from the community come together to model red dresses from local boutiques, designers and seamstresses. I had the privilege of modeling and finally wearing a dress I designed last year titled “Michi Kanji” which means spiritual “path,” or “road.”  It was very exciting. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the dress. If you want more details of the dress, you can simply look back in the blog and check out the design and sewing process titled the“Michi Kanji” dress. Well, that’s it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey. Debora

Snow is snow! Burda Pattern 8292

Snow is snow! Hello everyone. Hope you had a good week. Here in New Bedford we are dealing with snow issues and extreme temperatures. More to come Sunday night. The roads are covered with so much snow. It makes the streets narrow and difficult to see beyond the piles of snow. We have the National Guard plowing and hauling out snow from the inner city neighborhoods. I never remember seeing anything like this. Overall all, we are still doing well. We are all just trying to go about our daily life’s as best as we can. I did however manage another sewing project this week. I made another coat from the same burda pattern 8292. This time I used a zipper in the front and a straight up collar.  It’s very comfortable and I plan to use it as an everyday coat. I’m  excited about the matching pillbox hat. I've been experimenting with the style lately. I think they wear well. I like the height it creates. The best part is that they are actually warm and comfortable as you can see from the pict…

2015 Blizzard

2015 Blizzard Keeping warm in my latest fleece coats and hats. Stay save everyone!

Clutch Handbag and Pill-box Hat

Happy Valentines day everyone! Last week you may recall that I made this beautiful fleece coat using a vintage collar and cuffs from an old coat. I was pretty excited about how it came out. This past week I made a matching clutch handbag and a sweet pill-box hat of the left over material. I pleated the material to add texture and volume. It came out really nice. I’m supper pleased with it. I’m not one to spend much time dwelling on the details, so I’ll let you check it out for yourself. For this upcoming weeks’ project, I've already started on yet another fleece coat. Same pattern, different color which gives it a totally different look. I’m hoping to sew again soon. We are experiencing yet another snow storm. This is the winter of winters. Keep warm everyone and stay home and sew! And as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey. Debora 

Sewing up a Storm

Sewing up a storm. Fleece, fleece and more fleece. Warm, light and easy to sew. I made two fleece coats in the past couple of weeks. As the snow and extreme cold temperatures made it’s way into the Southcoast, I took cover in the sewing room. One of the coats I made for my husband Tony from burda pattern 7142. I made some adjustments, like making it shorter and adding zippers to the front closure and  pockets instead of using the flaps. I love burda patterns however, I can’t stand their matching number system instructions. So, I tossed the instructions aside and played around with my own muslin trial piece. I find it more exciting to create than follow instructions. Sure enough, I figured it out quickly and even found an easier way to sew in the collar. I sewed the collar in as one unit rather then drive myself crazy with trying to sew in tight corners. It came out really nice. Professional, actually! The most important construction sewing information is the use of canvas material. I…