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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sewing up a Storm

Sewing up a storm. Fleece, fleece and more fleece. Warm, light and easy to sew. I made two fleece coats in the past couple of weeks. As the snow and extreme cold temperatures made it’s way into the Southcoast, I took cover in the sewing room. One of the coats I made for my husband Tony from burda pattern 7142. I made some adjustments, like making it shorter and adding zippers to the front closure and  pockets instead of using the flaps. I love burda patterns however, I can’t stand their matching number system instructions. So, I tossed the instructions aside and played around with my own muslin trial piece. I find it more exciting to create than follow instructions. Sure enough, I figured it out quickly and even found an easier way to sew in the collar. I sewed the collar in as one unit rather then drive myself crazy with trying to sew in tight corners. It came out really nice. Professional, actually! The most important construction sewing information is the use of canvas material. I continue using it with collars, sleeves, hems and facing in all the fleece coats I make. The second, is doubling up on the fleece as a lining. It gives the coat great body while remaining “light as snow.” 

As for my brown coat. It’s from burda pattern 8292. Wow, this has to be the nicest coat I've made yet. The assembling of the coat was really easy. Both the collar and the cuffs were from a vintage coat I found last year at a local thrift shop. I took it apart and just kept the collar, cuffs and buttons. I love the combination of the old and new together. It feels great to wear a new coat with a touch of old glamour. Really makes it my own. Special! I've never felt so excited in all my life to use my lifetime experience of sewing. I’m still not sure what the next level is however, I’m sure I’m ready for it. I’m practicing while I wait for the opportune time. It’s extremely rewarding to create without restrictions. So different from a lifetime of doing alterations. I’m always proud of reflecting on my sewing years and all the wonderful customers who I consider friends. They are all part of my experience that’s moving forward in everything I’m creating. Well, the weather is still unsettling here. We are expecting more snow tomorrow night. This is truly a winter of winters. Snow, snow and more snow. It’s a great setting for more sewing. Let’s see what the next snow fall brings. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy looking at my latest sewing project, more importantly, I hope it inspires you to create something of your own. It’s truly sew exciting! Have a great weekend everyone! And as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey. Debora 

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