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Friday, September 4, 2015

Four Skirts Sewing Project

Hello everyone! Here is my completed sewing project for the week. I made four skirts all the same for fall. The fabrics range from cotton, jean, to faux suede. Great fall fabrics and colors. I didn't use a pattern. I just simply cut according to my own measurements and paneled it down the fabric. These skirts take up about one yard of fabric and two lengths in lining. You can easily make them for about $15.00 worth of supplies. It's totally worth it and a great way to build on your own wardrobe. The best part is that you can wear them long, still have a bit of leg showing and of course wear boots. Boots are necessary in New England. We put them on usually in late September and only start wearing shoes again sometime in April. 

Here you can see the matching lining. You don't have to have an exact match. In this case I was lucky. 

All the skirts have invisible zippers. They are easy to sew once you get the hang of it. I did all four at the same time. It saved me time in changing the sewing machine foot. 

The lining is machine stitched to the zipper. If your not sure how to do this, take old clothing apart. You can learn a lot by taking clothes apart and sewing them back together. 

The hook is hand sewn at the top of the slit. This is important. It keeps the slit from coming apart as you walk in it. 

Patterns are always fun. The only problem with these skirts is the front is about two inches in on the sides for the slits. Meaning that the pattern too is going to be two inches apart. You can't get it to match up. Even so, the lines do and because the print is small and detailed it still looks great. Some things you just can't help.

This is the hemline. Everything is sewn together in one take at the fold. If you go to stores and look at skirts with slits this is how they do it. It's simple and falls even. Easy!

Don't forget the join the lining to the skirt with a few folded thread. You don't want you lining to move on it's own.  This keeps the lining where it should be, inside the skirt!

This is just me having fun. Shopping in my own closet and seeing ways to incorporate these skirts with what I have. I think I like this red with cobalt blue. 

Fall colors are so easy to combine. It's like taking leaves from the trees and just mix matching. It's all natural. 

I love this look. I've had this scarf in my closet for years. Never really knew what to wear it with. Now, I make this skirt and there it is. "The look." I was not even trying. 

And finally, the jean skirt. I think I'm going to be wearing this skirt a lot. It goes with everything. I'm kind of thinking of making more jean skirts. I think most women look great in jean skirts. I remember in the late 80's they were everywhere. Now they are hard to find. Jean materiel isn't that expensive. More jean skirts to come!!!

And here they are in my closet.  My closet is becoming full with things I make. It's such a great feeling to make your own clothes. Well I hope your inspired by all my sewing this week. As I wear them, I will post a few pictures. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing in our sewing journey. See you all soon! Debora   

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