As a young lady...

I grew up in a sewing room. I sat under my mothers sewing machine for hours just to be near her. It was the coziest and safest place in the world. As a young lady my mother’s home sewing business grew into neighborhood fabric shop. I loved being surrounded by fabrics and I was constantly envisioning what I could create. I custom made clothing for friends and family. My mother encouraged me to make women’s dresses to sell in her shop. She thought me how to cut several at a time and sew them on an assembly line. I used the same pattern over and over again. I became really good at perfecting a dress. I understood and respected real women’s bodies. All through high school I prepared my art portfolio. I took every art, photo and sewing class available. In my senior year, I saved my money and flew to Philadelphia for a personal interview at Parson’s School of Design. It was the most unforgettable day of my life. I even saw America’s Bell of Liberty. I was encouraged to attend Parson’s School of Design. However, I was unable to follow through. I did not have any money or mentors. I had no idea how to proceed into the next level of my life. I did the only thing I knew how to do…sew.


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