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Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy Summer - Dress # 49

Dress # 49 - update photos
Hello again, sewing world. Here’s a few pictures of the dress I made this week. Easy Summer -  Dress # 49 from Butterick B5918. The hat is from a project I created last year. I only use it as a display piece. It’s fun to wear for short periods of time. It also serves as a great décor piece in the entrance of my home. Hats do have their use. I think. Well, I hope you enjoy the photos and that it inspires you to create and as always thank you for sharing in our sewing journey. Have a great weekend everyone! Debora

Easy Summer -  Dress # 49

Hello everyone! I made another dress this week again using Butterick B5918. This time I wanted to lighten things up. I used a light weight material  purchased last year on clearance at JoAnn’s Fabrics. The fabric is very slippery and difficult to work with. It was me against the fabric and of course, I won. The Butterick pattern too is still a bit of a struggle on the front pleated bodice. This time around, I did my own thing and let the pleats fall where the may. I left the front of the dress as an open wrap and incorporated some ties. I used my own bias cut strips to finish the front and back opening. It worked really well. Nice tight hold. As for the skirt, I simply cut a full bias skirt with added side panels piecing the material together. (pictures coming tomorrow). For the under lining, I used a simple bias slip from McCall’s M6790. I’m starting to really enjoy cutting fabric on the bias. It seems complicated but once you understand how it works, it moves so graciously through the body. It’s like a second layer of skin. I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about bias design and cutting. I’ve been watching a series of videos on youtube by a designer from the 70’s and 80’s by the name of Charles Kleibacker. He’s very passionate about his work and I just love listing to him. He’s such a great instructor.  I think I’ve watched all his videos by now.  You can check him out for yourself at this link.

My next project, I’m using another fabric similar to the previous.  This time, I’m going to use the same top but as a separate piece from Butterick B5918. I want to make a longer drop “V” on the back and see what happens. As for the skirt, I’m not sure what style I’ll be using yet. I know I like full skirts that dance with body movement. I’m using McCall’s M6790 once again for the simple bias slip. I’m using just the front and back pieces and applying my own bias finish as I see fit. I can see myself using this slip pattern over and over again. All you have to do is adjust the neckline and length as needed to match the outfit. It’s so easy to make too. Well, I’ve been blogging about my sewing for some time now. I hope I’m inspiring folks out there to sew and create things for themselves. It’s very rewarding and makes you feel so good about yourself. It’s a great sense of accomplishment too.  This dress looks better on than hanging. I’m hoping to wear it tomorrow and get some nice pictures. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for sharing in our sewing journey.  Debora

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