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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I got Emilie

This is my first Emilie Floge inspired dress. It’s nothing like I’ve ever created before. The design flowed right out of my head well into the life of fabric. The excitement of sewing it lasted right through the finish. I couldn’t seem to place it down. The feel of this dress is beyond comfortable. It’s powerful. A different kind of beauty. The dress itself sets it’s own stage commanding anyone in it’s presence. When I first put it on, it looked like it belonged in a painting. After the photos were taken I realized why Emilie Floge went for these lines. She must have played with different fabric layouts and photography to see what worked well for an artist  perspective. It’s no surprise that an artist like Gustav Klimt used her dresses in his paintings and his paintings in her dresses. They were both incredible artists.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Emilie Floge. She was the life long companion of Gustav Klimt the Austrian symbolic painter. You may know him from the painting “The woman in Gold.” Anyways, I’m obsessed with Emilie’s dresses. They are all elongating and the emphasis is on the neck and sleeves. Everything simply flows from the yoke. Like life itself her dresses flow with such beauty. I’m just captivated with her dresses. Not only that, I have a few things in common with Emilie. She too was a seamstress and a business woman at a young age. She also had a love for the arts and artist themselves as I do. And the hair!  I mean hello! She understood how important the “dress” was in the paintings. I really wanted to connect to her. So, today I did something about it. I went to Bedford Fabrics in Fall River and picked out fabric that inspired me to create a tribute dress to Emilie. I didn’t have a design, not on paper anyways, it was flourishing in my head. When I came home, I went a bit mad and started cutting the fabric. It was so liberating to do such a thing. At this point I’m not worried about how this dress comes out or where I’m going to wear it to, if ever! I’m just expressing how I feel about a woman that inspires me. She was beyond her time and her dresses didn’t sell  as they should have. Sometimes, it takes a couple of generations to see who we were. Somehow, I got Emilie. Both in my mind and in this dress. Here’s to all “The woman in Gold.”

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