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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kimonos for the Holidays

Kimonos for the Holidays
Hello everyone. Hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season. I’ve been enjoying wearing what I’ve made to events and Christmas parties. This afternoon I had a simply delightful brunch with a few dear friends right in the sewing studio. It was fun decorating around the sewing machines. I didn’t fuss over anything, just added to what already existed. I love wearing kimonos this time of year. They are very festive. I made this one a year or two ago. I’m also wearing the new jean skirt I made for the first time. You can look back on my blog for the skirt details if you’d like. As for the kimono, I usually just cut and make them without any pattern. I have no two alike. There’s no rules. If you find a fabric you like, just drape and cut to whatever shape pleases you. Well, I hope to do some more sewing tonight. Let’s see if I have anything to show you by the end of the week. I hope you enjoy the brunch pictures. I also hope you find some inspiration to sew something for yourself. It’s so rewarding. Have a great week everyone, and as always thank you for sharing in our sewing journey. Debora

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