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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Outfits # 52, 53 and 54. Easy Summer

Outfits #52, 53 and 54. 
Hello everyone! It's been an incredible sewing week. I just completed three tops and three matching skirts. And I couldn't be happier. The patterns I used are tried and true. They are simple to make and easy to wear. The materials for the tops as well as the lining came from Bedford Fabrics in Fall River. The skirt materials are from JoAnn's fabrics and believe it or not it's summer upholstery material. It holds up really well and I so love the patterns and vibrant colors of these fabrics. I plan to use these outfits for everyday wear. I like to look nice even when I'm in my back yard. Let's face it, these are the days of our lives. Everyday matters. Why not look our best. As I wear the other outfits, I will add  a couple of picture to this post. Overall, the look is the same, It's the combination of the vibrant colors that are so refreshing. Well that’s it for now, have a great weekend and as always thank you for sharing in our sewing journey. See you all soon! Debora  

Outfit #1 - I love the slit in the front. It's easy to walk, considering I take some pretty long steps. 

Here again you can see that the skirt is completely lined which makes for nice show and great finish as you move in the skirt. 

 I did all the cutting first and then created an assembly line.  I learned this as a child working along side my mother. It had been years since I've done this. Boy did this feel empowering. 

Outfit #2 -  Same everything just different fabrics. 

I used an invisible zipper instead of the hook and eye deal. It's quicker and creates a cleaner line in the back neck.

Here you can see the contrast of the materials. I truly love this. I hope to experiment more with this. 

Instead of a waistband, I simple placed a binding around the waist. It's soft and lose. Easy to breath, especially n the hot summer days. 

Outfit #3 -  Love, love this skirt print. Something about birds and nature. Just so sweet. 

Of course I added pockets to the pattern. I used  a combination of two patterns. On of which is dress pattern. I didn't want a back seam to take away from the print. And the other pattern is a skirt pattern used for basic dart fitting. 

Here's why I love this print so much. 

This is the pattern I used for the tops. I made a few changes in the sewing which made it more efficient for the production. Remember, I actually created an assembly line.

The back I sewed up straight, pressed and opened up the seam to place invisible zipper. 

On the sleeves, I made my own biased binding, 3" wide and sewed it on wrong side by stretching it and flipping it to right side for final top stitch. 

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