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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Festival of Lights

Hello everyone! This evening I attended the Festival of Lights Celebration at Clasky Common Park in New Bedford. Each year out city fills this beautiful park with Christmas displays and thousands of dazzling lights. This is our tradition. The kids just go crazy over it. Tonight was the official countdown for all the lights to turn on at once. It was actually very cold. But everyone was just as excited to be there. I just love it. Really fills you up with the holiday spirit.

I made and designed the coat and hat I‘m wearing. It’s the first time I wear it in public. It’s warm, cozy and light. I worked the coat with a Vogue pattern of which I can’t remember right now. The hat is totally my original design. I made a few of them actually. I love warm hats, especially those that cover the ears. I’m all about covering the ears. Well It’s a great time of year to wear fun things. I hope your inspired to create some fun hats and coats of your own. Enjoy! Debora

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