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Friday, December 12, 2014

Official City of New Bedford Christmas Tree Lighting

Official City of New Bedford Christmas Tree Lighting

Hello everyone! This week I made this coat from  fleece material from Joann’s Fabrics. I used vogue pattern V8164. It’s a fairly easy pattern to use. It’s a fun coat which I hope to make at least one more of. The lining of the coat is actually dress material. I wanted a fabric that would slide easy with the fleece’s outer layer. I thought the dress material was a good choice and I really like the print. The fur collar I've had for several years now. I collect fur from thrift. I don’t purchase any new fur, however I believe in restoration projects. I think old restored furs are worth the time and effort to re-use and bring new life to them. I  enjoy wearing the old glamour look. They are very warm and add incredible texture to coats. The hat is my original design. I love making hats and decorating them with whatever excites me. I like having fun with sewing. I’m not afraid of experimenting with different ideas.  I wore this outfit last night to the official Christmas tree lighting in New Bedford. It was such fun. Cold, but fun. It really puts you in the Christmas spirit. All the families come out and the kids just love it. This is another huge Christmas tradition here in our city. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures and as always thanks’ for sharing in my sewing journey. Have a great weekend everyone! Debora

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