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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Off-white Faux Fur Coat

2017 - Audrey Hepburn Inspired Hat 

Three years later, I finally had the chance and inspiration to make this hat from the left over material from this off-white faux fur coat. Oh what fun!

Happy Holidays everyone! I can’t believe this week with everything going on, I finished making this coat. This coat comes with an interesting story. It was originally bought at a thrift shop about a year ago. The fabric was all beaten up. I bought it for the beautiful faux fur. I had the coat cleaned and took it all apart. I used the old coat as a pattern to make this new coat and used the original faux fur collar as is. The fabric is high end fleece that I purchased in bulk many years ago. I always wanted an off-white coat and never really got around to making it. This coat wasn't all that hard to make. What gave me some trouble was sewing down to fur to the coat. It required some tough hand sewing. Even so, I’m really excited how this project came out. The original design is from (Albert Nipon). I googled this designer, it appears that at one time this coat was an expensive piece. I’m glad I restored the faux fur. I think it was worth the effort. I lined it with off white satin. The only thing I changed in the design was the pockets. I simple added side pockets. Easy! I wore it last night to our City Council Christmas Party. It was a big hit. It’s such a light coat to wear. Fleece is a great easy fabric to wear. It felt super special. Very old world glamour. It’s the perfect time of the year to wear these kinds of luxurious coats. Well, that’s it for now. I don’t know what I’m up to sewing this coming week, if anything. Who knows? Meanwhile…I want to wish each and everyone of you Merry Christmas. 

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