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Thursday, September 4, 2014

# 41 Dress

# 41 Dress

This time of year, like most of you, I’m going through my closet brining out my fall/winter clothes. I always find myself with mixed emotions every time seasons change. I like summer, love fall, adore the winter holidays, especially with snow, and finally, I enjoy the re-birth of spring where everything blossoms with such promise. This is life in New England. Forever changing. So now you understand why we have reasons for an extensive wardrobe. I find that clothes too have their lives and moments within these seasons. Dresses have memories.

This particular dress was definitely one of last years favorites. I wore it quite often. The interesting part is when I look back on some of the photos, I was so happy within each occasion that I wore it. I never officially posted this dress, and I found that now is a good opportunity to share it with you.


This is one of the first dresses I made for the “Love of Mother” dress collection. The top of the dress is from Simplicity pattern # 2281 with a trumpet skirt from another pattern. I had extra material and made a simple triangle shaped scarf which I wore several different ways. It’s a very warm and cozy dress. Even in colder days, I didn’t need a heavy overcoat. There’s several details on this dress that are special to me. For one the cameo matched up perfectly. I love cameos. I picked it up from my mother. I have several of them that I have acquired through the years. Nothing expensive, just fun Victorian era accessories.


The other detail is the lace on the hemline. It’s actually some old lace I found laying around my parent’s garage from random leftovers of their fabric store they used to own before their retirement.

And finally, the dress really feels like it’s mine. That’s the beauty of sewing something for yourself. You can create something perfectly fitted for your life. I hope your inspired to sew anything at all. It doesn’t matter what it is, it will always be yours. Go and create memories. It’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy! And as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey.


My husband Tony, who is such a support and doubles up as my photographer.
My sister Dorinda took this very unexpected photo. It was such a fun moment.

My sister Dorinda, who actually is a professional seamstress along with my beautiful mother.

This was a special day. It was my birthday and my sister took me out for coffee. Sweet!

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