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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A few items I made this week...

Hello everyone! Here’s a few items I made this week. They include two tops from the same McCall’s Pattern #8781 and a matching scarf as well as a purse. I also revisited a skirt that I made this spring, which I never wore. I made it too big and did not have any matching top in my closet to go with it. I finally brought it out and altered it and made it’s matching top.

I love this top. I’ve had this pattern in my collection for a least a decade. The material from the skirt is a beautiful linen that a purchased at Bedford Fabrics in Fall River, MA. It’s a great fabric to wear this time of year. I like the “woodland” motif. It’s very rich in both color and pattern.


There’s a couple of sewing details that I want to point out on this top. First, I made my own built in bias facing around the armholes. I sew it all down as if it were store bought. I find it holds down the fabric better without any puckering.

 Also, I use invisible zippers on the back neckline. It gives it a cleaner finish and again holds the neckline better than a loop and button. I find it works for me.

These were small projects that were easy and gave me great satisfaction to use fabric I already had and complete projects that were already started. It’s good to reflect back and see what more can be done to make the most of what we already have.
Tomorrow, I’m hoping to plan out next week’s project. I’ll be sure to post it. I know last week I didn’t post any new upcoming projects. That’s because I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with the remnants I had. Well, I  hope you enjoy the few items I made and I hope that they inspire you to create something special in your life. It’s a great feeling, even when the projects are small. Have a good day and as always, thank you for sharing in my sewing journey.

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