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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sewing really pays off

This time of year at the end of the summer, I usually go in search of the end of season clearance sale on suits. I don’t even look at the size, because most of the time they need some sort of alterations anyway. I’m fortunate enough to tailor them myself and therefore save a great deal on alterations as well. To my surprise, this season, I didn’t find any suits that I liked. This was a first. Either, I’m spoiling myself with my me-made wardrobe or my taste is growing beyond ordinary looking suits. My husband recently suggested that I look into making my own suits, considering I wear them most of the time in my professional life. Even though I’ve made suits in the past, I still prefer to create dresses. They are just so much fun and exciting to see come together.

While strolling through the mall, I could not help myself but to take a look at some of the dresses for some sewing inspiration. All I found was skinny dresses for, well you know, skinny young women. Not only were they too low cut and too short, but also extremely pricy, even on sale. Meanwhile, I wore one of my own beautiful summer linen dress and shoppers were taking notice. This made me feel “sew” special. So much so, that after leaving the mall empty handed, I made a quick stop on the way back home at a larger Joann’s Fabric store. I just wanted to take a peek at their fabric sale. This is a good time of the year for sales. To my surprise, I was so inspired with so many beautiful fabrics. Some were 40% off and others at $3.00 a yard on the red tag final clearance sale. So, I went a little crazy and just started throwing bolts of fabrics in my shopping cart. I picked up five pieces of fabric, an autumn colored silk, an offwhite charmeuse, a red and blue floral linen and purple and gray jersey. And the best part, all this fabric cost a lot less than one suit on sale. Sewing really pays off. I like sale and clearance fabrics. It gives me a lot of freedom to experiment with new sewing techniques and styles without any worries of ruining anything.

 Speaking of freedom of to trying new things…this week’s project is very interesting. I’m working on it a little at a time. It’s like putting together a puzzle and you are the puzzle creator as well as the puzzle assembler. This is one crazy project. So far, the fit is looking great. I still need some more time. Some projects just can’t compromise to dead lines. I’m taking my time on this one. It’s just so unique. By Friday, I will post what it looks like, finished or not. I promise! And as always, thanks for sharing in my sewing adventures. Have a great day everyone!

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