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Friday, August 1, 2014

simple summer laid back dress

Hello everyone. Yes, I finished this weeks dress. It’s a very simple summer laid back dress. I enjoyed making it. It went so fast, I did not even have time to take pictures of the sewing process. If you care for the details, just look back on the previous posts. The pattern is the same as last week. The skirt however is much more slimming. I hope that when I wear it, I can capture the details of the outside pockets. Just love them.

This fabric is really exciting me. I want to make something with it immediately. I’m just not sure what? At first I was thinking a Kimono, but I also envision a dress. It’s laying out on my cutting table calling out for me to breath life into it. How can I not? Let’s see what comes out of it. Fun!!!

This is Mara Pedro from Portugal, a very young promising Fado Singer. She is here in New Bedford performing at the Museum Café for the 100th year celebration of the “Madeira Feast.” I met her last night while hosting for a local cable show. She is just remarkable. I complemented her on her lovely dress and she proudly told me her grandmother made it for her. Wow! She shared with me that the blue wrap skirt is an inspiration of the world famous Portuguese tile called “Azulejo.” She’s so spectacular. I’m happy to see sewing still runs in so many families worldwide. I’m hoping to see her perform a full show this Saturday night. Can’t wait!

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