Butterick B5209 dress - Restoration of Beauty - Update.

Restoration of Beauty - Update.

Just a recap of the last posting on this dress…“This week, I brought out a beautiful black beaded dress. It is a mix of both machine beaded as well as some hand sewing. The fabric is 100% silk. I took it all apart and cut it into the same Butterick B5209 dress. This will be the last time I will be using this pattern for now. This is where I take all the experience of the past three dresses and go for the gold. This gown is looking remarkable. I have tried it on and it fits beautifully. The skirt is from Vogue V8470. It is extremely flared and circular.”

Update - This dress turned out to be a gown. I made it longer than usual and decided to just leave it. I made some changes as I went along. It is sleeves. I placed sequin straps between the back and front shoulder to create some interesting visual lines. I opened up the neckline by sewing the sides to the straps. It shows more neckline to the sides while still maintain a decent neckline. Not too showy. The dress is pretty much finished. Just some minor details and some ironing. I’m calling it one of my best pieces. It’s very glamorous.

This gown did however, cause some damage in the sewing room. My scissors needs sharpening and my sewing machine requires some adjusting. It’s OK, I was overdue for a vist from the mechanic anyway. I’m so glad I made this gown. It is partly sewing from a pattern and partly my own design. It fulfilled my artistic needs. The use of the old material from an old dress really is a restoration of beauty.



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