Update on this week’s project - The Paris Dress

Update on this week’s project - The Paris Dress

Simplicity pattern 1354. I’m just about finished with it. It’s a fairly simple pattern. I used 100% cotton which makes sewing a lot easier to handle on the sewing machine. I spent most of the time on the actual personalized fitting. However, it was worth the extra time. I had to take in the sides and remove the upper bodice a few time for adjusting to the shoulders. Other than that, this dress is a breeze. Here are some more pictures showing the process. Once again I lined the entire dress and sewed boning to bodice seems. Doing so makes such a difference in the shape of the entire bodice. I highly recommend doing this for any sewist out there looking for a great shape and fit.


With all the practice I’ve had in sewing dresses in the past year, I’m becoming an expert in perfecting “V” shapes. Any sewist will tell you this is a hard thing to do. The only way in find the best sewing technique is to just simply keep practicing. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Don’t get so hung up on one dress. Cut out another front and start over. It’s easier than continuously taking it apart. Actually, just do a trial and error piece first. It’s worth the investment.

I had mentioned on the previous post, that you didn’t need the buttons on the back band. Wrong!!! You do need some kind of opening. I opt for simple hook and eye. It’s easier for me to fasten than loops and buttons. I have to give more thought on how I will proceed on next weeks dress. Here, your looking at the inside of the dress. I like invisible zippers. I find them easy to sew in. As a matter of fact, I can tell you that it is a breeze comparing to all the years of altering them on ready made clothing. You have to take it all apart. It was soooo tedious. Wow, I can’t believe I wracked my brains and hands for so many years. Sewing from scratch is such a delightful process. I really have come to love it. It reminds of this movie I once saw about this Chinese dancer who practiced for years with heavy weights tied to both his legs up and down the stairs, when he finally took them off he danced like he was flying on the stage. It was incredibly beautiful.

And finally, the pockets. So, easy. I probably should take more pictures of the technique. I sew the pockets to the side seams, top stitch both sides and than sew up the seam as marked and down the seam as marked. It seams complicated in the instructions, but it’s actually easy. The top stitch is the key to keeping the seams in place.

Well, that’s it for now…back to the flying in the sewing room. I will post the finished Paris Dress on Friday and not a day sooner. I’m afraid if I post it sooner, your going to come to expect two dresses a week from me. Lol.


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