Paisley Harmony Dress

All my life I’ve been attracted to paisley prints. As I’m getting older I find myself becoming more obsessed with paisley anything, I.e. shawls, dresses, fabrics, upholstery, quilts, etc. I have a few beautiful paisley print shawls, dresses and even my bedroom wall paper is paisley. It‘s been there for over a decade now. Please don‘t tell me its time to change it. I just love it. It’s a very soothing blue. Which brings me to this weeks dress project.

This week I’m making a paisley blue dress. It’s actually from the quilters cotton fabric collection. Seeing that I find myself buying paisley fabrics when I see it, I wanted to see why I have this love for paisley. So, I did a quick research on the origin of paisley design. It seamed to originate in Persia or India and eventually traveled to Europe. There are several meanings to the design itself. Which I’m not going to get into detail right now. All I know is, to me it symbolizes endless harmony that one never seams to get tired of looking at. This paisley harmony wears well with anything and anyone.



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