The Quilt Dress

The Quilt Dress

Hello again. I’ve been assembling my new project which I’m naming “The Quilt Dress.” Reason being that it’s actually from quilt material and the print is so cozy and comfortable. It gives you the feeling that you can cover and shelter people with it. Anyways, I was inspired to try something different. I love fabrics. Every time I see fabrics I have visions of …more fabrics. Fabrics needs fabrics. When I saw this fabric I knew I wanted a colorful contrast and lining. I went for the granny smith green. At least that’s what the lady from the fabric store called it. I just loved it. It cost more than the quilt fabric itself. Oh, but what a match. I actually went to bed thinking about how to incorporate both fabrics into the same dress pattern. This is what I came up with. Don’t laugh, I’m still practicing sketching my croquis. I still can’t seem to sketch feet, so I just staple fabric to hide it. You get the idea. Here are some pictures of how it’s coming along. I hope you can get some excitement of watching a sketch come to life as much as I do. Transforming a creation into life is so amazing. And as always thanks for sharing in my joyous sewing adventures.



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