Voilà! The Quilt Dress.

Voilà! The Quilt Dress. I broke my own record this week and made two dresses. I love the way this dress came out. There are several changes I made to the Simplicity pattern #1354. The back band has no seam. I was able to omit the seam by lowering the front “V” neck. I also used a smaller bodice size and still had to adjust it. The armholes are more open due to the added bias. I did not want to sufficate the dress, so I really opened it up. The inside lining required some hand sewing on the back band, the waist as well as the zipper. No big deal. I love the contrast of colors. This is one of my special pieces. I feel like I made this one my own. I can’t believe how much pleasure and excitement sewing is giving me. As you may know from my mission statement, I’m my mothers caregiver. I’m spending more time at home now a days. I know it won’t last forever. My mother loves to watch me cut up dresses and see them come together. She’s 80 years old now. She was a professional seamstress all her life. I’m “sew” in love with her. All my dresses are about “the love of mother.” I hope your enjoying my posts. I hope I’m inspiring people to sew. It’s a great art. It is enriching my whole life right now. I’m so happy to share it with you.


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