Simplicity pattern 1354 - The Paris Dress

I’m excited to finally have my sewing machines serviced and properly adjusted. I even got my sewing light on my straight stitch machine replaced and all my scissors are sharpened. I’m “sew” ready to keep sewing through out the summer. Speaking of summer… this weekend we had a grand neighborhood festival right in our neighborhood. It’s in celebration of the “Day of Portugal” which is celebrated throughout the world. I love attending and taking pictures at public events. I love people and never seem to get enough of photographing them. The funny part is that on Friday the same day I had all my sewing machines repaired, I dropped my camera at the feast and damaged the viewing screen. I could not believe it!!! It still takes pictures, even if I can’t see anything through the screen. I  only see the pictures once they’re downloaded. Well, anyways another “thing” to replace seeing there is no repairing new technology.

Now for the sewing.

Here is an update of this weeks project. Simplicity pattern 1354, The Paris Dress. This dress is a real joy to sew and easy to follow instructions.

I only had a slight complication with the back band. As a matter of fact on the next dress, I'm going to get rid of the loop idea and just cut it on the fold with no opening whatsoever. You don’t need it. I don’t like struggling to button myself on the back of the neck when I’m putting on a simple summer dress. I also omitted all facings and self-lined the entire dress. The skirt once again is from Butterrick pattern B5951.
This time I added side pockets. I love them! They allow for such ease for resting hands. I’m so thrilled by them that I am thinking of sewing in pockets in as many future dresses as possible.

So far, the only struggle I’m experiencing is adjusting the bodice to the back band. This has to do with my own shoulder and back shape. I have one shoulder higher than the other, which complicates fittings. The other thing I will do in the next dress is go for a smaller pattern size. The pattern offers different sizing on the bodice. It is always a great option, however like most women, I have a tendency to see myself bigger than what I truly am. Must be a women thing. Other than that, this dress is looking great!



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