“black bird dress"

I learned a few things in the past week from my first experience in making Butterick B5209 Retro ‘47 dress. I learned that a gathered waist line just doesn’t look good on women over 100 lbs. Also, 100% cotton material, as wonderful and soft as it feels, never flows as wonderful as other sheer and flowing dress materials. Using boning in the foundation of any dress is always a good idea, however, I think I went overboard and will use less of it in the upcoming projects. And finally, we shouldn’t be fooled by the glamorous illustration on the pattern covers.

This week’s project will be a another dress from the same pattern with a different approach and a whole new style skirt. The fabric is once again cotton. Considering, I already bought it. I fell in love with the black birds. I decided to name this new creation the “black bird dress.” I’m incorporating black trimming on the neck, sleeves, lower bodice as well as on the hem. I drew one of my first croquis fashion figure to demonstrate my vision of this dress. It looks well balanced on paper. What do you think? In the past, I never really needed to draw croquis fashion figures. I was always working with garments already made to wear. Design is definitely very different. Math is key. And like the fashion industry says, “it’s never as glamorous at it looks.” I believe this is who I am. I need to create. I need to learn and perfect the creation. I’m fixated by the process. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Ok, let’s do this. One week for the “black bird dress.” Thanks’ for joining me on this very exciting “sewing journey.”


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