Kimono week

What a coincidence that the Museum at FIT is celebrating Kimono week. Yesterday, as I was planning my next week’s project, I ran into this beautiful spring floral cotton and immediately knew it was going to be my next kimono. I made a few in the past year. This winter, I made the most spectacular one of all. I made it out of soft pink oriental looking fabric and lined it with matching flannel. I wish I had taken a picture of it while it was still new. I wore it as my house coat all winter long. It was such a glamorous thing to wear. You can’t do anything with it, other than sit, rest, read or meditate. It really slows you down in a good way. Your arms and your hands can’t help but move graciously. I am really enjoining my new dress form. Yesterday, I cut and draped the next kimono on it. I was going to wait until it was completely finished before posting it. But, seeing that it’s kimono week, let’s celebrate.



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