Vogue V8825

Everyday I spend some time in my sewing studio. Yesterday, I was experimenting with new patterns and envisioning and deciding what fabrics will look best. In addition to creating something new on weekly basis. I’m also trying to display the dresses I made in the past several months. The dress displayed today is from Vogue V8825. I love the barrel cuffs. It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. I made several changes to the pattern. I lowered the raised waist to fit my natural waist line. For my shape it is more elongating. I also replaced the bottom with a trumpet skirt pattern that I use very often. I like the flow of trumpet skirts and sewed it altogether. If your tall, it creates a wonderful flow as you walk. Mostly all my dresses I cut about 6 to 12” longer than the pattern. I love long dresses. In the winter or in cooler seasons, I simple throw on boots and I’m warm. It makes it easier to wear dresses more often.


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