Hard to just let it go.

I am once again repeating the same dress from Butterick B5209. This time the fabric is soft light tan polka dots. I have mastered the pattern and it all went well, until the first fitting. It seems that due to the extra layers of fabric on the bodice, it tightened the side of the dress. I also forgot that I had added about one inch to the side seams on the last dress. I was furious. It was so easy to finally put it together. How could this happen? I left the dress cold and thought it was just over. The next day after much contemplation, I didn’t think it was right to just leave it. I had invested time and the fabric is just so beautiful. As a matter of fact, the lady who sold it to me, told me that Talbot’s had used this same fabric. Making dresses is a very real process. You have patterns that allow you to dream. You get to envision what every you want from them. They never complain with what you do with them either. So, I took the sides apart as well as remove the invisible zipper. Which took longer for me to take apart than to actually place a new one in. I couldn’t believe how long I spent taking it all apart. I lovely placed extensions on both sides including the lining. This allowed for me to sew on the edge of the seems. It made all the diffence in the fit. You would think after three dresses I would get this right. Sewing is very intricate. Different fabric sew differently. I actually build a relationship with each one of my pieces. It’s hard to just let them go. It would actually be easier for me to just start over. But, like life itself when we spend time with the things and the people we love, it’s hard to just let it go.





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