trip to the fabric store

I made yet another trip to the fabric store today. This time I went to Bedford Fabrics in Fall River, MA. It’s one of my favorite fabric shops. Reason being, it’s an old world neighborhood fabric store. It’s crowded  with so many different fabrics. At the same time it’s sew cozy. It totally reminds me of my parents fabric store that I grew up in. Bedford Fabrics also has remnants for sale left over from the old Fall River mills. In addition, this place has just about everything you can imagine at still affordable prices. I drop in about once ever couple of weeks. I spend time looking through everything. I like feeling the fabrics and circling around the shop. You never know what you find when you take a second look.
Like today I was doing my visual touch tour, when I laid eyes and hands on this beautiful mature pink fabric. I quickly pulled out the role and piled it with the rest of my stash. When it came time to add up the damage of the day, I was told it was silk. Ouch the cost. It was so beautiful how could I put it back. I ended up putting back two other fabrics to keep the silk. Sometimes you just fall in love at whatever cost.

This shop also sells on line. It’s a great little crowded place.  I came home with three pieces of material and matching lining. I will be using it all to make the same dress pattern four times over.
The pattern is B5209 Butterick. It’s from the Retro Butterick 1947 collection. I have been studying the pattern and by next week, I should be ready to start cutting. I usually start out with the least expensive material and cut the largest size possible.
(The first try I’m going to be using a cotton print fabric I bought at Joann’s Fabrics this past Sunday.) I work it into my body shape and alter it as I go along.
The second dress, I am more comfortable and cut the changes into the pattern and the fabric. I build confidence in the sewing and don’t need sewing instructions.  By the third try, I’m starting to perfect the cut and working my own design into it. Finally, when the pattern is perfected, I go for the gold. The final run. The display of personal achievement. I use the best fabric and all my creativity just flows. There is no more rules to follow. There is no mistakes.

It’s all about the art. When I wear any of these dresses, each one has their own experience and their own story of how they came to be. And they all have and wear their own meaning. There are no two  alike.


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