#33 Dress - “Restoration of Beauty”

Update on the "Restoration of Beauty" gown. My friend and professional artist Deborah Macy just completed this painting of the Charles W. Morgan, "the worlds last wooden whaleship." I was happy to model for her this summer and I'm really pleased with her work. You can see the changes and detail she added. It's incredible. Well I hope you enjoy the end results. I can't wait to see this painting in person. Sewing and painting and whaling history all coming together in canvas. Amazing!  

#33 Dress. Hi readers. There’s been a lot of excitement this week in New Bedford with the return of the Charles W. Morgan Homecoming to our waterfront. My friend who is a professional artist wanted to take some study shots by the ship. She wanted me to wear hats depicting the Victorian era with my dresses. I only had one hat. So, I went out and purchased some supplies and made a few more. I have some millinery skills which I acquired from the twenty years in my bridal business. Here are some close ups of the hats I made this week for “arts sake.”
The dress I’m wearing you may recall is the “Restoration of Beauty” gown which I restored from an old beaded dress I found at a local thrift store.  It’s such an irony wearing it along side the Morgan ship which is “the world’s last wooden whaleship.” I hope you enjoy the hats as well as the history of the Morgan.



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