Simplicity Pattern #1801

This weeks dress project from Simplicity Pattern #1801, Cynthia Rowley collection is starting to take shape. I’m trying something new. Instead of interfacing, I’m just using an extra cut of the facing in canvas black material. So far, I like the way it holds up on the shoulders, bodice “V” neckline and the midriff. I’m still incorporating a full lining to both top and bottom and boning at the midriff. I like when a dress stands well on any body shape. I find that now a days that store bought dresses are cheaply made. The manufacture uses the least amount of fabric as possible and basically no underlining. I also find the entire cut of the dresses to be either too low cut or too short or even worse both. The shoulder line usually doesn’t stay in place either. At least not on me. Stretch knit dresses are fine, if you are under thirty, fit and weigh less than 130lbs. Other than that, ouch! Anyways, that’s why I’m working structure into all the dress I’m making. This one sure is holding it’s own. Let’s see where it goes from here. I’m hoping to spend a couple more hours on it tomorrow. If I do, I promise to give you another sewing update.


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