The seedling Dress - Simplicity #1537

This week went by so quick. I just finished this week’s dress. I’m naming it, “The seedling.” The print reminds me of flowers at the end of their season letting go of their seeds throughout the land. I feel like that when I wear my dresses. Like I’m inspiring creativity all around me. This dress was easy to sew. I did however, fuss over the perfect fit. You can see how I added boning all around the midriff. I also tailored the sides a bit. I didn’t like how the pattern just dropped the dress without any definition. So, I just went ahead and did my own thing. I want to repeat the dress again next week and perhaps add some detail to it and make it a bit more exciting. This pattern is a great block piece. You can do a lot with it. Well, I hope you can gather something from it and carry it to your own creative world. I’m inspired with the sewing and excited about wearing it tomorrow. Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for sharing in my sewing journey.


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