Simplicity Patterns #1801 - Update

This dress appears finished, but I can tell you it’s not. As a matter of fact, right now this dress is upsetting me. I had the lining all attached with beautiful pockets on the side seams. So what went wrong, you may ask? Well for starters the dress was too big. When I tried to tighten it, it unbalanced the whole waistline. The side seams on the bottom had to be taken in as well, meaning the pockets had to go. I also damaged two invisible zippers trying to sew them through the boning at the midriff. When I tried it on, I found the dress to be too long. The pattern overwhelmed the style of the dress. I cut 8 inches of the hemline and removed the entire bottom lining. It lightened the whole dress. I also cut the side seems. Tomorrow I will be placing in new pockets as well as relining the bottom without any gathering at the waistline. I think it will slim the dress. I’m only going through this amount of trouble because I actually love the bodice of this dress. It fits beautifully. I also like the way the shoulder line stays where it belongs…the shoulders. It’s a very strong and powerful dress. I think it’s worth a remake on the bottom skirt. I’m sure by tomorrow my patience will come return and allow me to finish this dress.


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