“Bluer than blue” Dress - Simplicity pattern #1537

“Bluer than blue” Dress - Simplicity pattern #1537

I spent much of this morning enjoying time in my sewing studio assembling this dress. Earlier this week, I spent extra time matching the fabric on the cutting process. In the meantime, this dress ended up using more fabric than I anticipated and I made a quick emergency trip to JoAnn’s fabrics. Lucky for me, they had just enough fabric left. I got the end of the bolt. The fabric is very rich in color and design. It has about seventeen different colors. I’m using the same dress pattern as last week, Simplicity pattern #1537. The sewing part is going fast. I didn’t have to spend much time on adjusting the fit. I did that last week. That’s why I’m obsessed with repeating the same pattern over and over again. I find that the repeative process really makes for perfection allowing for more creativity. It builds a constructive foundation layers in your brain. I find that it works in all aspects of life. It makes us better not only at what we do, but also at who we are as people. Let’s see where this dress leads me. I’ll keep you posted soon.


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