This baby is finished! - Simplicity pattern #1537

Bluer than blue” Dress - Simplicity pattern #1537

This baby is finished! I’m really excited at how great the whole matching of the fabric came together. This project turned out expensive due to matching up the print on the fabric. Wow, I hope I don’t try attempting something like this anytime soon. I learned my lesson. I’m very stubborn in making things happen. One of my good qualities, I guess. I never give up. This was yet another learning curve for me. I’m getting bold in picking up bright color linings. I think it’s fun to have a burst of color in the inside as well. Also, if you look closer at the drop waist, you will notice a sewn in band to offset the seams. This was an after thought. My husband actually suggested it. We both thought it needed something to break the lines. It was so simple, but it really worked. Small detail, big visual impact. The sewing went smooth. Next week I hope to go at it again. I’ve been studying drop waistline dresses on line seeing what else I can do with it. I love the fit however, I would like to try something new with the bottom. Well, we’ll figure that out next week. Meanwhile, I have yet another dress. Sew crazy! I can’t tell you how much joy this sewing adventure brings me on daily basis. Thanks for joining in. Good night everyone!


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