#34 Dress - 1920’s

#34 Dress - 1920’s
I made this dress earlier this year. I wore it today for the first time. It’s partly my own design. I used a simple pattern for the top. I made it a drop waistline and added a band to bring it together. I did some research on 1920’s dresses and this is what I came up with. The sleeves are my own as well as the skirt. Pleated skirts can be hard to make. I went a little crazy, but I figured out how to make it easy to sew. This dress is fully lined. Out of all the dresses I’ve made, 1920’s style remains by far the most slimming, fun and relaxing dresses to wear. There’s no tension on curves or shapes. The body shape is not the focal point of the dress. It’s all about feeling, movement and lots of freedom and room for fun. Enjoy!


This is the pattern (View A) I used as a reference for the top of the dress. This pattern calls for stretch knit material. I had to modify it for non-stretch material. This is a great pattern for tops or as bodices for dresses. The possibilities are endless.


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